Our Story

Who are you people?

Ono Audio is a small, high end, speaker development company based in the Washington DC area. We have made it our personal mission to put the soul back into your music and to look good while doing it. In order to accomplish this task we have used modern day engineering concepts and design techniques, and applied them to centuries old speaker boxes, all whilst distancing ourselves from the bland 'black box' design that many companies have adopted as their own. The results are absolutely stunning speakers with class and character that make music sound the way it was always intended.

Our small team is comprised of a series of oddballs from around the world, each with unique and interesting backgrounds. See their stories on how our core team came to be below:

Our Playlist

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Here is a playlist of songs that we have personally put together that if listened to through our speakers will enable you to rediscover your favorites, you'll hear bass drops that were never there before and soft harmonies you didn't think were possible. We hope that you enjoy hearing new qualities in old and beloved songs just as much as we did. You'll get to fall in love with your favorite tracks all over again.