Ono Paka

Stereo and home theater speakers

The Ono Paka is a radical departure from traditional speaker design, creating a listening experience that is dramatically different from anything that has come before it. Our novel driver placement and radiation pattern neatly sidesteps the problem areas inherent to traditional “drivers in a box” or planar speaker designs. The result is a huge sound stage without squeezing your listening party into the only tiny spot in your room that sounds decent. Electrostat-like inner detail without sacrificing dynamic range. Complete transparency without the need for a transit and laser level for millimeter precise positioning. Placement so easy, in fact, that you might have to actually shove one of the speakers into another room to break the stereo illusion.

         In order to complete the illusion, we pioneered the use of the low moving mass, large motor Fostex Sigma driver in an open baffle, crossoverless, “tweeter and woofer augmented” role. Letting this remarkable driver handle the majority of the frequency band without phase shift or distortion from the crossover gives the Paka a distinct advantage where getting things even just a tiny bit wrong is immediately obvious. Filling out the low end is a super stiff aluminum cone woofer in a sealed enclosure for a time and phase correct bass response. The top end benefits from our Haas effect tweeter for just the right amount of sparkle without crossing into grainy. The end result is a remarkably distortion free and highly detailed response all the way through its 65hz - 24khz range.  

         We are confident enough in the exceptional performance of our speakers to offer a 90 day no questions asked return policy. We love them, and we know you will too.  

Sound Character

 It is always a struggle to describe the sound character of a speaker without resorting to overused language that absolutely everyone claims to excel at. Instead of just listing adjectives, we have put together, as objectively as we can, a visual representation of where our speaker lies. The short version is that it is just a hair on the bright side of neutral, with excellent inner detail and the largest and most realistic sound stage we have ever heard. Macro-dynamics are large enough to play complex orchestral pieces but we are still a fairly compact speaker and are not claiming the concert levels that the 7 foot line arrays can manage. 


    The Paka system uses a combination of a vertically oriented sealed monopole (65hz - 700hz) with a 90 degree opposed open baffle rear diffused dipole (700hz - 20khz) augmented with an optional pair of sealed subwoofers. The monopole is effectively omnidirectional below 1500hz and in combination with the out of phase and digitally delayed full range dipole driver create a virtual point source for the 65hz-20khz range. The closer to a point source you can get, the less the brain is able to localize the sound as coming from a speaker and not from actual instruments. The rear wave of the dipole is intended to bounce off the rear wall of the listening room and arrive at the listener’s position at least 6 milliseconds after the first signal. This second signal greatly enhances the depth portion of the illusion, and the lack thereof in almost all modern speaker designs is the primary reason why full stereo depth is not being conveyed in most speakers. The exceptions to this are open baffle and planar designs like Magnepan and many electrostats. Our broader radiation pattern and acoustically small drivers mean we are not subject to the typical Achilles heels of planar designs; finicky placement, tiny sweet spot, and occasional limited dynamic response. Read more on our technology page...





    The unique character of the Ono Paka would not have been possible without decades of research by Siegfried Linkwitz and Linkwitz Lab, especially the work done on the LXmini. The Paka is not a product of Linkwitz lab and Ono Audio is not affiliated with Linkwitz Lab. We have presented our work to Mr. Linkwitz and we are continuing to develop technology inspired by his designs with his permission. The Paka shares many sound characteristics with the LXmini, and we highly recommend building a pair of LXminis if you have basic DIY skills. There is no better value in sound reproduction and the experience of building the speaker is highly educational. The excellent plans are available directly from the Linkwitz Lab website (http://www.linkwitzlab.com/LXmini/Introduction.htm) and parts kits are available from Madisound.


  • Patent-pending compact dipole design

  • Powder coated solid steel open baffle superstructure

  • Open baffle crossoverless 4" full range primary driver

  • 1" Ferrofluid-cooled, neodymium magnet textile dome tweeter

  • 4" full range driver with hyperbolic paraboloid shell diaphragm

  • Vertically mounted lightweight 6" aluminum cone woofer with low loss rubber surround

  • Switchable passive/active modes with bi-wire binding posts

  • Ultra-rigid cabinet with UV-treated vinyl coating

  • Power handling: 80 watts RMS, 160 Watts Peak

  • Frequency response: 65hz to 24khz

  • Efficiency: 86db (1 watt @ 1 meter)

  • Optional 27" hardwood and steel stands

  • Proudly engineered and built in the U.S.A

Available Colors

  • Obsidian Black

  • Ash White

  • Lava Red

  • Ocean Blue


  • Lifetime warranty on all components

Note: Pakas are built by hand to order. Our current production time is 3-4 weeks. 


What's in the box?

(2) Paka speakers

(3) Pairs of laser cut baffles

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